#1 Guide: How To Build A Patient Portal Software?

The healthcare sector is advancing each day. With the introduction of advanced digital healthcare tools like EHR software, telehealth platform, and more, the utilization of patient portals gained a huge presence in today’s marketplace. Do you have an idea about implementing patient portal software for your practice? That’s a very good decision.

healthcare data migration

5 Steps For Successful Healthcare Data Migration

Today’s healthcare providers are started embracing the digital transformation in healthcare. The healthcare practices and clinics are connected with each piece of information through health information exchanges. For this, they may have some advanced software integrated with the practice EHR software. Some of the healthcare practices are finding their current EHR systems to be outdated and incompatible with their practice management and medical billing software.

digital transformation in healthcare

Why It’s Time To Digital Transformation In Healthcare?

The COVID-19 pandemic has largely sped up the digital transformation in healthcare and created some new ways in how patients can receive care on time in a secure manner. Every industry needs to adapt to the current technologies and tools to stay on the top in their sector. In the same way, the healthcare industry is constantly evolving right from telemedicine to remote patient monitoring to enhance a better patient experience.


4 Quick Tricks For Quality Practice Management System

Every healthcare provider holds a primary responsibility to provide quality healthcare services to their patients. A drop down in practice growth may occur due to the missed appointments, productivity issues, slow claim submission, and a lot more. How this can be fixed immediately? The all-in-one solution – quality practice management system helps you to transform the way you manage your practice.

Telehealth Vs Virtual Care: The Real Difference

The healthcare industry is emerging with new trends as the facilities are eagerly looking for ways to increase quality healthcare access while reducing the overall healthcare cost. Technological innovations like telehealth platforms are making the long term process easier for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients.


Improving Patient Engagement In RCM: Why It Matters?

Today, patient engagement plays a crucial role in revenue cycle management. Every part of patient interaction like the check-in process, clinical experience, and medical billing process will influence a healthcare practice RCM. Especially, patients feel too frustrated with their medical bills for various reasons. Physicians and large medical practices need to maintain a better relationship with their patients. So, here is what healthcare providers can do with improving patient engagement in RCM.

specialty EHR

Why Specialty EHR Is Good for Your Practice?

Speciality EHR is a key component to deliver quality care and attain maximum profitability for any specialty-specific practice. With the help of specialty EHR software features such as easy documentation, reduced data entry works, customized templates – physicians can work without any administrative burden and spend more time caring for their patients. Here are the top reasons that prove why specialty-specific EHR is good for your practice.


10 Solid Steps Of Medical Billing Process In 2021

In today’s healthcare environment, there are numerous challenges in reducing medical billing errors, adhere to the latest billing regulations, and optimize the entire billing process. To simplify the daily work burden faced by hospitals and other healthcare facilities, here are the 10 effective steps of the medical billing process in 2021 explained.


Is Patient Outreach Strategy Still A Key To Success?

Patient outreach is one of the important processes that healthcare organizations need to focus on more in 2021. Today’s highly competitive healthcare environment offers various opportunities for patients to choose their healthcare providers giving the right chance to providers that integrate effective patient outreach strategies. With the help of automated patient outreach programs, healthcare practices can easily able to connect and collaborate with their patients efficiently.


8 Steps For Putting Patient Scheduling Into Action

The best patient scheduling tools makes the scheduling process easy, removes the practice administrative burden and provides necessary control over their scheduled appointments whether everything is accessible in a right manner. So, how to make the right use of patient scheduling in U.S healthcare marketplace? Here are the 8 best steps to put it into action in 2021.