How Do Patients Benefit From E-Prescribing Software?

Going to a doctor’s office, getting diagnosed and prescribed in a paper format, and guarding it with utmost care and fearing losing it somewhere- remember doing these things? Not just you but every patient would have gone through these situations.

The Growing Importance Of Patient Access To Medical Records

We live in a world where digitalization is everything. And most Americans these days, after the pandemic happened, are willing to cherish their health. They want their health data to be easily accessible and better protected for achieving their health goals. This showcases the importance of patient access to medical records.

How Does VozoEHR Streamlines The Patient Intake Process?

Challenges like high competition, rising consumer-based importance, and emerging technologies have made or pushed to be precise, many healthcare practices to adopt new methods and ways of the patient intake process.

EHR Documentation: Could It Be A Factor For Female Physicians’ Burnout?

Burnout can cause various impacts on one’s life. In this busy world, where competition is an emphasizing force, people are affected by work pressures, stress, and burnout, especially in the healthcare industry where many lives are at stake. Electronic Health Records (EHR) documentation contributes the most.

Vozo EHR

5 Reasons Why Vozo EHR Is A Good Fit For Independent Practices

In this busy world, the healthcare industry is only coping to some extent with the unusual and fast changes these days with the help of many online healthcare software platforms and tools.

PP in staff shortage

Effective Role Of The Patient Portal In Solving Staff Shortage

So first, let us ask you a question. what was the biggest challenge that the healthcare industry faced during the time of the pandemic other than the shortage of amenities? Yes, you guessed it right – “staff shortage” in both clinical and non-clinical departments.

Automated appointment reminders (updated)

Automated Appointment Reminders: Why It Matters In 2022?

With the advanced technology in the healthcare industry, patients are still forgetting to schedule or show up for upcoming healthcare appointments.

technology improving healthcare

Top 7 Ways Technology Is Improving Healthcare

Technological development is now becoming “the new drive” for every sector. Many industries have already changed their functions to great extent with technologies. Why? Because technology is the key to success.

CDS and patient outcomes

The Ultimate Guide: Clinical Decision Support & Patient Outcomes

Anyone would agree with us when we say that a positive patient outcome is one of the top priorities of every healthcare organization, right?

EHR evaluation

Checklist: 5 Ways To Evaluate Your Ehr Smartly

Every practice works based on its goal, expectations, structures, and workflows. In the same way, every healthcare practices need Electronic Health Record (EHR) that suites their practice well.