Telehealth Medical Billing: The Changing Virtual Care Reimbursements

Traditionally healthcare industry involved many slow processes that made people dislike many things. In this transformational world full of technological advancements, telehealth solutions, and medical billing together as telehealth medical billing has played a major role in the transformation of how healthcare practices deliver care now.

5 Reasons Why You Need Vozo As Your Medical Billing Partner In 2022

Be it a large or small or a multi-specialty healthcare organization, medical billing is a crucial, unavoidable department. Medical billing as a whole can cost a lot. So it is important to find an affordable software and provider for doing the processes without interruption.

Importance Of Medical Coding: A Must-Know One

Do you know what has become the critical aspect in the healthcare industry today? It is medical coding. It is so important in the healthcare industry because the industry itself is very much dependent on it to an extent. Let us straight get into it.

Medical Billing TIps

Medical Billing Software: Top 5 tips to improve the billing experience in your practice

In this present expeditious world, you need to keep pace with the race. Even with utmost care and dedication, mistakes happen as they are unavoidable. Why we are telling you this here, is because the most important thing for a healthcare provider is to get paid for the services delivered by them. It is the most crucial system to handle, and the problems and difficulties faced by providers in handling the claims can make them go crazy. Here, in this article, we give you the top 5 tips you can practice in your medical billing to ensure good thrust in your business. 

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Top 6 Medical Billing Software Features For Your Physical Therapy Practice

Medical billing software has become very important for the effective management of physical therapy practices. Nowadays it is very difficult to find out the right fit based on the practice needs. There are tons of medical billing software available in the market today. But all of these might not have all the advanced features that one can expect from other software.


5 Epic Medical Billing Tips To Improve Collections By The End Of The Year

The fourth quarter of the year can be a gift or a curse for healthcare practices. Some practices get the gift of improved patient outcomes and better revenue. While other practices get the expletive of patient’s engagement and minimum reimbursement. One of the most important aspects that every healthcare organization should prioritize is medical billing and collection to drive better revenue.

how to read an EOB

How To Read An EOB?: A Step-By-Step Guide

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a statement from your payer providing details on payment for the medical billing service you received. The EOB clearly explains to you what services were paid by your insurance plan and how much you’re responsible for paying yourself. Your EOB is not a bill, but it helps you to keep track of important data such as


Top 6 Benefits of Electronic Superbills For Your Practice

The important aspect for running a successful practice is to monitor the workflow process and look for ways to cut down costs. If your staff members are spending more time on updating and sharing the health information of your patients, then there won’t be additional improvements in your practice workflow.

Cardiology Medical Billing Top Challenges To Consider Now

Cardiology Medical Billing: Top Challenges To Consider Now

Healthcare billing for Cardiology practices is a tedious affair because of its intricate nature. Cardiology practitioners spend a great deal of time and resource adhering to regulations around the administrative paperwork.


50% Of Americans Carry Medical Debt: 6 Steps To Avoid It Quickly

The US medical billing services market was valued at USD 4.64 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach approximately USD 8 billion by the end of 2026.