Patient Portal Vs Personal Health Records: What’s The Real Difference?

Solutions that make an access and work easier for people are the most preferred ones, right? Too when it comes to healthcare, patients prefer at-home or easily accessible facilities with the utmost protection. Many platforms facilitate patient portals and personal health records now because of this same reason.

How Vozo Patient Portal Addresses Meaningful Use

With all the resources and budget healthcare providers and organizations are continuously trying to find ways to simplify organizational operations, improve efficiency, and achieve more positive patient outcomes. The Meaningful  Use (MU) or Promoting Interoperability (PI) was established to achieve the exact need.

Why Patient Self-Scheduling Is Loved By The Healthcare Industry?

Everybody loves choices, isn’t it? Same way options for choosing the healthcare provider for healthcare consumers are available plenty. They have choices, options, and all the rights to switch providers if they don’t like the existing one. One of the solutions found by the practices to avoid this is, offering patients self-scheduling options.

The Growing Importance Of Patient Access To Medical Records

We live in a world where digitalization is everything. And most Americans these days, after the pandemic happened, are willing to cherish their health. They want their health data to be easily accessible and better protected for achieving their health goals. This showcases the importance of patient access to medical records.

PP in staff shortage

Effective Role Of The Patient Portal In Solving Staff Shortage

So first, let us ask you a question. what was the biggest challenge that the healthcare industry faced during the time of the pandemic other than the shortage of amenities? Yes, you guessed it right – “staff shortage” in both clinical and non-clinical departments.

Automated appointment reminders (updated)

Automated Appointment Reminders: Why It Matters In 2022?

With the advanced technology in the healthcare industry, patients are still forgetting to schedule or show up for upcoming healthcare appointments.

Digital check-in

Digital Check-In Systems: Top 5 Benefits For Practices In 2022

Who in this digitally-driven, busy world has time? No one. We are running after successes, competition, money, happiness, etc. This is the truth, right? Well, this is the same for patients.

Patient engagement

Top 3 Elements Of Patient Engagement (Checklist)

Every business to improve and grow their functions needs good quality and quantity of client engagement. Isn’t it true? You know it is. Likewise, for a healthcare organization to result in a healthy, happy, and satisfying outcome, patient engagement is the most necessary one.

Virtual healthcare

Improving Virtual Healthcare With Patient Portals: Top 5 Tactics

Healthcare is becoming more and more of a lifestyle than just a topic to discuss. People expect to receive well improved and upgraded services. In recent years, due to the pandemic, the increase in the need for virtual healthcare among people has pushed the providers to discover and innovate new ideas to keep up with the race. People are even more drawn to virtual services than traditional healthcare deliveries. They want the services to go to them and not vice versa.

Virtual healthcare systems with the help of patient portals solve the problem here.

patient portal software benefits

The Ultimate Guide To Patient Portal Software In 2022

As the healthcare industry shifts its focus towards value based care, patient portal software is becoming an important tool for many healthcare organisations.