How To Plan & Operate A Telehealth Program Successfully?

For the healthcare industry to be successful, it should get into the depths of the human mind and health. Such that a successful telehealth program should be able to do this considering empathy, knowledge, and the tools at hand to reach patients even if they are at the end of the world (if such a thing exists!).

Telehealth Medical Billing: The Changing Virtual Care Reimbursements

Traditionally healthcare industry involved many slow processes that made people dislike many things. In this transformational world full of technological advancements, telehealth solutions, and medical billing together as telehealth medical billing has played a major role in the transformation of how healthcare practices deliver care now.

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Telehealth Visits And 5 Reasons Why They Should Be Prioritized

We are now in the 3rd year of the officially declared pandemic, COVID-19. People were devastated by its effects of it. We were all suffocating and found it very difficult to adapt to the situation, isn’t it right?


Telehealth Bridges Cultural Gaps: Delivering Healthcare To All

As we all know, healthcare these days are very much digitalized. Telehealth bridges the gaps between healthcare providers and patients. The majority of the services are automated so that both the providers and the patients benefit from the use.

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Telebehavioral Health: The New Mantra For 2022

Behavioral health will always be a topic for discussion anywhere, anytime. Lifestyle, social factors, environmental changes, work pressure, family pressure, etc, can affect the behavioral health of any individual. 


Top Telehealth Trends To Watch In 2022

Without further ado, let us face the reality. We are now in the middle of a global pandemic and we all know, that it is very scary to even step out of our home, to tend to our everyday needs. Covid-19 has made everyone face the cruel reality, of how mankind can be turned upside down, overnight.


Why To Go With HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Software in 2022?

Privacy is one of the most important parts of a patient’s healthcare experience. Disclosing protected health information (PHI) can cause serious harm to a patient’s safety, personal life, and state of mind. Data breaches or mishandling can also put a practice at serious risk of legal and financial trouble.

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Take A Bit Out Of 2021: The Best Telehealth Blogs To Read

The growth of telehealth has been impressive. In this article, we’ve mentioned the top telehealth blogs for you! So let’s get into it!


How Telehealth Is Improving Continuity Of Care Today?

Maintaining continuity of care, and managing patients with chronic diseases, has always been a difficult proposition. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult. Fear of exposure to the virus has led to many patients with chronic conditions avoiding care.


Top 5 Big Ideas To Attract New Telehealth Clients In 2022

Telehealth has grown in popularity, and its benefits are clear—so why aren’t more clients asking about it? It may come down to marketing. You probably feel comfortable with the technology and understand that it’ll make treatment more accessible, but potential clients may not feel the same way.