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Whether you may be a large or small or multi-specialty healthcare organization, if you are looking for the best medical billing software to grow your practice financial health, VOZO - #1 cost-effective medical billing software helps you to boost your collections by leveraging best practices. With perfect claims submission and management, auto-eligibility checks, and integrated clearinghouse VOZO billing software enables you to get paid quickly and accurately. It also offers HIPAA-compliant systems, patient invoicing and billing, real-time analytics, and more advanced billing features.


Increased efficiency

VOZO user-friendly billing software will be integrated with your EHR software offering everything you want in one place. This eliminates the need to fax every billing sheet helps to boosts productivity, minimize human error during data transfer, and increase your practice efficiency.


Complete Transparency

We maintain complete transparency throughout the entire billing process and we let you know where each charge is in the process and the ability to track the charges back to the practice. It will make sure that all claims are processed promptly.

VOZO Medical Billing Software Features

Accurate Claim Submission

VOZO medical billing software helps in tracking and processing claims and connects your billing and documentation to ensure accurate claim submission without any errors promptly.

The billing systems help to increase data accuracy and speed up the claim submission process so you can get paid quickly and provide accurate bills for your patients.

The easy to use billing software helps you to check your patient coverage and alerts you to denied claims and guides you through the process and timeframes required for resubmissions.

Secure Patient Payment Processing

VOZO medical billing software offers online patient payment solutions to transform your uncollected patient payments which in turn reduce your A/R days. This secure cloud-based platform offers various payment collection methods like a payment plan, credit-card-on-file, & online payment options.

Easy to Access RCM dashboard

VOZO secure RCM dashboard allows you to easily access your patient billing data and revenue cycle tasks on a single screen. This data accuracy helps you to work more efficiently and process your payments much faster than ever.

Real-Time Performance reporting

VOZO offers real-time performance reporting to help you to measure and demonstrate meaningful use of patient health records. The continuous performance monitoring of your practice helps to improve the patient experience and increase efficiency

Automated Medical Scheduling

Our billing software is integrated with our powerful scheduling tools so you can easily able to optimize your appointment density, manage no – shows, cancellations, and connect with your patients with automated appointment reminders to maximize your clinical efficiency.

Automatic Payment Posting

VOZO payment posting services help you to post electronic insurance payments automatically with ERAs, post insurance checks from EOBs, post patient payments, and print receipts. So that you can save your precious time and improve your practice productivity.

Insurance eligibility check

VOZO medical billing software not only verifies health insurance eligibility, but it also allows patients to learn about their insurance status before appointments. It allows us to easily collect patient payment and verify real-time patient eligibility.

Online Check-in

Save more time and report 100% accurate patient information by avoiding manual data entry with VOZO online check-in feature. Create customizable intake forms and have patient information populate automatically into your chart notes before the appointment.

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