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Mobile EHR For Your Practice

VOZO mobile EHR App provides an end to end solution that seamlessly integrates patient engagement, scheduling, complete clinical documentation, reporting, and medical billing. So your practice can enjoy maximum profitability within a short period. All you need to do is to sign up today and download VOZO EHR App for your android, iPhone, or iPad to make use of advanced features like customizable medical forms, specialty templates, patient check-in, appointment scheduling, eRX, and more.

Voice Recognition

VOZO EHR tools with voice recognition feature ensure all the data is recorded at the point of patient contact, free up time for face-to-face interaction with patients, and increases physician engagement during patient encounters. Mobile EHR with smart voice recognition boosts clinical efficiency, and reduce the administrative burden on providers.

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Lab integration & remote charting:

VOZO lab Integration feature provides a Fast, Safe and Secure means for electronic lab order submissions and receipts of lab results. Your clinicians can have a quick view patient’s scheduled appointments, lab results, current medications and add to notes and charts instantaneously by providing access via mobile EHR.

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Smart & Easy Scheduling

VOZO mobile EHR for both Android and iOS devices allows users to access practice's records smartly, schedule appointments, send automated reminders to patients. You can easily able to add, delete, and reschedule patient appointments whenever needed and serve your patients with the utmost care. VOZO also offers push notifications for upcoming appointments to reduce patient no-shows.

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Accurate Billing Information

VOZO mobile EHR uses advanced payment capture systems to provide patients will accurate billing information, receipts, and swift payments at the time of care for quality patient service experience.

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Advanced Security

VOZO cloud-based EHR software employs more advanced security features that ensure critical compliance and medical information privacy for your patients. It offers password-protected login, encryption during data transfer, and two-factor authentication for logins thereby increasing increase your patient privacy, your practice efficiency, and your provider network connections.

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Track eRx


Transcribe visit notes


Clinical Image Capture


Manage patients' check-in and checkout times


View visit notes and lab orders


Approve/deny refill requests


Add a superbill

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