Quality life care with simple and secure VOZO telehealth solutions

VOZO Telehealth Solutions are the smart choice for delivering care remotely. You can schedule and conduct virtual visits directly from your EHR without any additional software. Our HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use Video Visits are specially designed for primary care physicians and specialists that let you provide immediate excellent patients care quickly. Easy patient engagement through chat and secure messages.

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Integrated Telemedicine

With seamless integration to the VOZO EHR and practice management software, you can schedule and conduct visits directly from your EHR platform. Take advantage of our fast and simple setup to get you running in just a few days.Integrated patient communication, concent forms, payment & more


Easy Onboarding

Getting started with VOZO Telehealth is fast and easy, giving an option to your patients to receive a link to their virtual visit without any set-up required on their end. We ensure the flexibility needed to react quickly, operate at peak efficiency, and thrive to deliver specialized care to your patients


Easy Patient Scheduling

Let your patients schedule their own in-person or video visits from their patient portal, while your practice remains in full control of patients’ schedules with just a few keystrokes. Timely appointment confirmations and easy patient remainder followups for great care


In-House Healthcare Specialist

  • Instead of referring patients to other practices who need healthcare specialists, use VOZO Telehealth to bring the specialists to your patients.

  • By offering in-house specialist consults with telehealth services increases your patient visits and helps to drive more revenue
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Online Appointment Scheduling

  • When an in-person visit isn't required or possible, telehealth helps patients to receive ongoing care from their regular doctor.

  • With VOZO Telehealth services, it’s never been so easy for you and your patient to find an appointment time that works well for both of you.

  • Make it quick and convenient for patients to schedule a new appointment and you can also convert an existing in-person visit to a Video Visit with one click.
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Patient Portal With Secure Messaging

  • Our convenient online portal helps your patients to schedule appointments on their own, request prescription renewals, get test results, secure messaging and pay bills with you in real-time.

  • With 24/7 patient self-scheduling, your practice can expect a reduction in no-shows and instant growth in revenue.
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Automated Reminders

  • VOZO gives you multiple ways to reach your patients where and when it matters. Send an automated email, SMS, and voice notification to your patients for appointment confirmations and reminders to crush no-shows.

  • Our telehealth features eliminate the possibility of your patients forgetting their appointments and keep them informed about video visits.
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  • VOZO Video Visits are 100% secure, confidential, and HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.

  • Patients using their online portal to message providers regarding their medical clarifications can also rest assured that all the data shared between doctor and patient-facing platforms are fully protected and safe to use.
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