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Video Visits

Enjoy greater convenience & lower costs with VOZO video visits

  • Visit your doctors from the comfort of your home with VOZO telemedicine solutions - patients can easily schedule new video visits from their patient portal.
  • VOZO telemedicine has integrated EHR along with the video consultation so we can deliver the quality healthcare to you and your family virtually anywhere.
  • Right from injuries to mental health, Video Visits by VOZO telemedicine platform offers safe and secure healthcare services.
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare Access anywhere & anytime is possible with VOZO RPM

  • VOZO RPM allows you to monitor your patient’s health records while increasing patient engagement from the comfort of their place.
  • Patients can use connected devices at their place – like heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs – that automatically upload their health information through the cellular network to their physicians.
  • VOZO offers you the best remote patient monitoring software to provide care where and when it’s needed most wherever your patients are without disturbing your workflow.
  • From analyzing your patient’s eligibility for creating superbills for your staff at the end of each month, VOZO provides the unique care plan that fits each patient’s individual needs.
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Online Payment Collection

VOZO – The right choice for faster payments & improved cash flow

  • VOZO offers easy to pay via payment Link & App, so you can directly collect payments from patients during their appointments or in the virtual waiting room
  • Generate bills for Video Consultations on your Virtual Practice to keep track of revenue generated for telemedicine services
  • Upload your patient education materials or use resources offered through vozo and third-party institutions.
  • Upfront payments for your telehealth sessions before the session is due to start, to confirm participation.
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100% Safe and secure Care Delivery

Health data safety and security is our priority

  • As VOZO telemedicine software is often used to save and transmit patient healthcare data, we assure 100% secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • Limit no-shows with automated telemedicine appointment confirmations and reminders about upcoming visits.
  • Upload patient health records securely with VOZO and allow patients to check their medical records and billing information via telemedicine app.
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