VOZO – A customizable EHR software fit for your small practice


RCM For Small Practices

Boost your collections with VOZO RCM solutions

  • VOZO RCM software tracks and processes every billable step and performs pre-visit patient registration, payment collection, profitability management, and insurance verification.
  • With VOZO, you can directly able to communicate with the billing experts & your denial claims will be addressed within 24 hours to maximize payments.
  • We guide you with the advantages of EHR for your practice smooth workflow by delivering the best solutions for your business challenges
  • Comprehensive RCM training by the experienced team on using the system for any functions you may want to perform.
  • Patient registration
  • Denial Management
  • Medical payment processing
  • ICD-10 Compliance
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Credentialing
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Customizable Dashboards & Easy Scheduling

Reduce missed appointments with VOZO easy appointment scheduling

  • With an intuitive, customizable appointment scheduler, physicians can easily manage patient appointments.
  • VOZO enables user-friendly customizable dashboards to help you to analyze the performance of your practice just by few clicks.
  • The seamless appointment scheduling and appointment reminder via email and text features will help your patients and administrative staff to make the scheduling process smoother & easier.
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard
  • Doctor Task List
  • Physician Notes
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Patient Special Search
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Hands-Free EHR

End to end EHR solutions for enhanced productivity

  • VOZO EHR – a secure, easy to use cloud-based EHR software provides better care for patients and a perfect solution for small practices.
  • Easy access to patient health records, billing balances, clinical workflow all in one place.
  • Whether transitioning from another EHR or starting a small medical practice, we create individual transition plans to ensure you’re prepared.
  • Encounter & Charting
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • E-Prescribing
  • Fax Integration
  • Smart Charting
  • E-Rx
  • Authorization Tracking
  • Referral Tracking
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Patient Payment Solutions

VOZO offers a modern billing and payment experience

  • Integrated with all major EHR/ EMR solution allows providers to securely collect payments from patients online and in-person
  • Help collect more patient payments, faster, and improve patient satisfaction by making it easy for patients to pay in their way.
  • The system offers automated reminders for payment plans if patients miss to do their payments on time.
  • Multiple payment options
  • Payment Assurance
  • Online bill pay
  • Real-time POS collection dashboards
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